Firecracker – Lisa Loeb

After her 15 minutes were up with the single from a teen movie in the mid 90’s, Lisa Loeb made a terrific album of Adult Americana. A record that would be lauded as an indie classic if it were recorded by a Dude.

Firecracker was the albums name. This title track is all atmosphere and portent. The lyric weaves it’s melody in and out of Gilmore-esque guitar work.

You change your shoelaces, I light firecrackers, step on the sparks”

Her pure voice laying guilt on the object of her affection… or dejection, it’s hard to be sure.

“You wanna suffer, you show me you’re angry, fight with your fists up or call for your Mommy”

This is not a grab at another pop hit. This is proper adult rock music. With real feelings and everything.

Lisa Loeb, Ladies and Gentlemen. She’s a firecracker

4 thoughts on “Firecracker – Lisa Loeb

  1. I need to check that album out, then (I think Aaron at KMA might have recommended this a while back, too – I might be mistaken)

    For what it’s worth, that 90’s tune is a good one.

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