Thou Shalt Always Kill – Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip Featuring De La Soul

“Thou shalt not assume, because I’m a Leo, I will act real proud, Thou shalt not type “LOL” unless you’re really laughing out loud, Thou shalt not have a God reverb on your voice just so you can say ‘Thou shalt not’.”

Thou Shalt Always Kill is a classic. The original incarnation of the song torch lit the career of Scroobius Pip and has made thousands of indie club attendee’s bop and jerk their way through the dense verses just to flail around during the “Just a Band” section to Dan Le Sac’s 16bit sounding bleeps and squeaks.

The De La Soul do over brings some fresh Do’s and Don’t’s to Pips already extensive list.

“Thou shalt not lie to anyone under the age of six unless it’s concerning major holidays. When someone dies, thou shalt no longer be of obligation to cry and say “He’ll be missed!” knowing good and well that he was an asshole”

The presence of Posdnous and his easy breezy delivery actually off sets Scroob’s breakneck pace. Even causing Pip to abandon one of the original tracks rapid fire diatribes with an off hand;

“Oh, forget it. I ain’t getting into that again”

This is one of the great do over records of all time. This beat’s Unforgiven & Unforgiven II (I see Unforgiven (the Metallica song, not the Clint Eastwood movie) as I see The Godfathers (The Francis Ford Coppola movies not the punk band) in as much as people like I & II but hardly ever sit through part III. Still with me? Good) And it’s got any other Hip Hop song with a part 2 licked because they’re usually just a headline artist and his mates turning up drunk and flogging the dead horse into the ground (I’m looking at you Who Ya Wit II by Jay-Z and New York Sate Of Mind II by Nas)

The De La Edit adds to Thou Shalt Always Kill’s original killer delivery, righteous crusading and hilarious observations made song. So I’ve posted both below for you to enjoy.

But what do I know? Having a blog does not make me a journalist.

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