Alcohol – Robert Jay

A blues ode addressed directly to the booze itself. Alcohol by Robert Jay is a man having a few words with his drink.

Robert Jay clearly has taken exception to some of the things the sauce has been up to. He has surveyed what’s gone on and decided exactly who is to blame.

“Alcohol, I need to have a little talk with you”

He goes on to tell the grog, he’s got to put it down. He’s got to come of the sherbert for the sake of his loving relationship and now has to cut it loose.

It’s her or the tipple. Mr Jay has made his choice. He’s on the wagon.

The proliferation of drinking songs on SteveForTheDeaf is not by accident. I imbibe in a beer or two. I’m quite fun around a bottle of rum and I’m in trouble if there’s whiskey on the table. So I don’t touch it.

I’ve never however gone so far that it cost me my job or my house or my relationship. Not even the time I pissed in the wardrobe when I came home to my girlfriends house and couldn’t find the bathroom after too much 6X. It was the 90’s. I was an idiot.

But I do understand the sentiment. And if you’re going to stare your bottle in the eye and tell it you’re through, Robert Jay has a great way of saying ‘it’s not me, it’s you…’

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