We Are The Normal – Goo Goo Dolls

“It’s a beautiful day, I heard everybody say the sun shines down for all of us. Just the same, you know I like the rain, that ain’t so obvious”

When the Goo’s started out they were seen by the world (or at least those who payed them any attention in the early days) as The Replacement Babies.

Happy bouncy optimistic little brothers of the Twin Cities best bar band and Rock N’ Roll Godheads (on the ladder of success). By the time they put out album number four (their first on a major label) they registered enough on the rock-o-meter (I’m gonna make it a thing) that their Idol (Mr Paul Westerberg) was prepared to pen them a tune.

We Are The Normal is a lush string laden ballad with all the Besterberg of latter day Replacements Westerberg in it. It soars, it mourns, it peeks at you like sun shine round a curtain.

It was also the moment The Goo Goo Dolls grew up and started to look like they could really shift some units. Geffen Records took note.

“It’s a beautiful sight, I guess everybody’s right, this day belongs to all of us. Even still, I like mine with a chill that ain’t so obvious”

What followed may have got more and more beige as it sold more an more units but for me Superstar Carwash was the last Goo Goo Dolls album of phase one. Their parity with Soul Asylum, 7 Seconds and The ‘Mats was about to go a little more Green Day a lot more Bon Jovi and the movie soundtrack singles lay in wait with Boy Named Goo and all that followed.

Careful what you wish for you young punks. Normal can swallow you whole.


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