Against All Odds – Chase & Status (feat. Kano)

You know I love Kano right? It often comes as a surprise to the young bloods at work that I’m a bit of a fan of Chase & Status too. I don’t see why. This song samples the old school hip hop staple Incredible Bongo Band and it’s under the moniker of C&S that these guys have put out repeat collaboration work with Plan B, played the Metalheads ‘Christmas in June’ Download Festival and been on wax with the magnificent Prodigy, Liam Bailey and Slaves.

“I come from where man were done for hardly nothin’, you can see it in the blues that I’m hardly frontin’, got kids with guns in the heart of London, bulletproof vests like half a hundred”

So this one here is from their 2008 debut album More Than A Lot. That first record also featured one of the Plan B collabs in the form of the magnificent Pieces.

Tell me what lads from down south don’t imagine themselves being a bit Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels cool and one point or another?

“There’s no actors and actresses barely around here, this matches them straps of Manchester, soon as you exit Stansted you might see…”

Kano is one of London’s true scene leaders and he elevates any record he appears on so working with these guys on Against All Odds might not be the only time he’s cut a track with them but is one of the best things anyone involved could have hoped to produce.

Against All Odds is (in my most humble of onions) a bit of a classic.

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