Bastardo – Charlotte Hatherley

Pop songs that weren’t hits hold a curious alchemy in them. Marvel at this one a while…

Charlotte Hatherley has carved herself a really rather unique niche in the rock and roll landscape in 2018. She’s a sci-fi obsessed art rocker who plays music festivals with a focus on Astronomy and particle physics. She makes curious etherial pop nowadays. When not doing that she’s been a touring musician with arty types like Bat For Lashes and Brian Ferry.

She used to be the Fourth member of Irish Indie/Metal Power Trio Ash. Shortly after leaving them in the noughties she put out an album of power pop bubblegum tunes like this one here. This poppiest of confections was guaranteed a level of obscurity by its potty mouthed track title.

Her other singles back then had either equally awkward names like Kim Wilde (it does sound like a Kim Wilde song but it would have confused the hell out of a radio station) or the generic sounding (in title) Summer.

She was making music for her own amusement. On her own terms. Her 2018 singles have nothing in common with the sound of 2005.

Charlotte only puts out solo records when she feels like it. The rest of the time she’s gigging with Blondie or scoring theater productions or working on art access projects with The European Space Agency or backing KT Tunstall up or some other passion project.

This nugget of poppy froth about a one night stand, a stolen guitar and a Mexican Lothario is just out there, waiting for curious rock n’ roll archeologists like you to find it.

5 thoughts on “Bastardo – Charlotte Hatherley

      1. Couldn’t be better, man. Took a couple weeks off from writing for Thanksgiving and my boys, but I’m getting a bit geared back up. Still, I can’t say that I hate only having to work one job, so if things stay kind of light until January, that ain’t gonna be too sucky. Be well.

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