Black Coffee – Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

I wrote about this same song just an hour ago but done by Classic Rock Revivalists Rival Sons. Well, it seems Black Coffee is having something of a renaissance. Maybe as more and more rockers clean up their act on the booze and what not, it’s staring them right in the face when they’re looking for inspiration… Maybe it’s due to the rise in Veganism we’re not hearing songs about latte’s all over the classic rock scene.

Or then again… Maybe not.

Classic Rock Revivalist power couple Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa have knocked this out as a title track for their third collaboration record. The union of these two top drawer talents always yields an impressive listen. I’ve reviewed them both in their own rights on these pages in the past.

I’ve talked about Beth’s incredible voice and the ‘been there done that’ tones that cover her every vocal operatic with a conviction born only from experience. I’ve probably also let on that her voice holds a strength and a sensibility that I can not help but swoon a little for. She’s an impressive and passionate singer. And she has my ear.

I’ve praised the technical ability in Bonamassa’s playing being the least impressive thing about the stereo deluge he wrings for his instrument of choice. Bonamassa is a band musician even in his solo endeavours. He’s not a show off who smothers a track with his virtuosity. He knows songs as well as he knows music and he builds amazing spaces for his fellow players to work with him in.

So on to this song. Associated with big gutsy soulful vocals it might seem a bit of soft target for Beth and Joe to aim at on album number three. Or they might be more relaxed this time and just looking to have some fun with their music.

They’ve eased into each others company well. They turn up at each others shows for encores (I saw Joe during his Hammersmith residency and Beth made her way onto the stage the night I was there). The gaps between these two handed records allow them to do their own work and their myriad other projects (Joe is also in Black Country Communion and Rock Candy Funk Party, Beth has worked with names like Jeff Beck and Slash as well as balancing a profile in the Jazz and Country scenes along with her Rock records) it’s been 7 years since Don’t Explain.

Standards played by consummate professionals. It’s never bad, but it’s rarely this real.

4 thoughts on “Black Coffee – Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa

  1. I’ve been reluctant to delve into the Hart & Bonamassa album. I just don’t feel moved to. But I’m often reluctant to listen to a Bonamassa studio album, as the production is a bit too slick. I love the live stuff I’ve heard, but there’s something about the studio recordings that mean I don’t tend to revisit them. Weird, eh?

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