The Fun Lovin’ Criminal – Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Continuing with the festival theme of yesterdays Feeder post I’d like to commemorate the greatest surprise I have ever had watching a live band. This was Fun Lovin’ Criminals Glastonbury 1999 set. I was expecting some easy going pop funk. I was ready for some easy going pop funk. I was hiding from the Pyramid Stage and trying to find a little more chill.

It was a hot one that year and I was physically and emotionally drained from the festival thus far. I’d seen Hole, Blondie, REM, Joe Strummer and Ash and all I needed was to bring it down a couple of notches. I thought some harmless radio friendly hip hop infused indie with a side of New York cool would be my salvation.

I was not expecting the craziest show of the weekend.

Huey and the Criminals arrived at The Other Stage to a magnificent reception before they’d played a note. And then in the words of the MC-5 they ‘kicked out the jams… Motherfuckers’

The bounciest crowd you could imagine lapped up every beat of Scooby Snacks. The ladies swooned for Love Unlimited and if there’s one thing we like on this here website… It’s bands who have a song named after the band (see also Motörhead by Motörhead (or by Primal Scream), Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden by Iron Maiden, Everything Thermals by The Thermals, Mothra Vs. We Are Scientists by We Are Scientists (feat. Mothra*) R.A.M.O.N.E.S by Ramones (or by Motörhead) and Primal Scream by Mötley Crüe**).

So by the time they played The Fun Lovin’ Criminal, I was sold. These boys rocked hard, but they swung, they swaggered and they crooned when it was called for. Never have I gone to a live show with an expectation of one thing and had them be blown out of the water so atomically as watching The Fun Loving Criminals.

They came to party. Put ‘Em Up Punk.

* Not actually featuring Mothra

**Not actually a tribute to Primal Scream, but I did always want Primal Scream to retort with a song about Mötley Crüe


2 thoughts on “The Fun Lovin’ Criminal – Fun Lovin’ Criminals

  1. I’d gotten into that album in a fairly big way and remember watching coverage of them on TV and thinking that they really rocked. He can sure play guitar, that Huey.

    I haven’t actually listened to them in a while… reckon I’ll go dig out the CDs.

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