Zombie Bastards – Weezer

It’s not the first time Weezer have put out a Christmas single but (Die! Die! You) Zombie Bastards has become the chant of the people across the alternative nation as they hang baubles on their tree or untangle fairy lights for the first time in a year.

“Welcome to the jungle, to the jungle Baby it’s you and me, walk between the rain drop, between the rain drops singing along to Queen”

It’s as poppy and catchy a little ditty as any Christmas number. There’s acoustic strumming. Chiming keys, a clap along beat, little jangly interludes on the guitar. So it’s a Weezer single. Not like their recent cover version of Toto’s Africa was a Weezer single, nor like Toto’s hollaback cover of an actual Weezer single with Hash Pipe.

While you hurry from shop to shop buying cardigans for Grandma and thick fluffy socks for your sisters and brothers, stopping only for hot toddies on the corner to see your friends, or to get some warm mince pies you can take home for a snack before you start wrapping, you can sing along with your headphones.

“We can go up we can go down, we’re gonna run you out of town, Die Die You Zombie Bastards! We know what you want”

The ironic roots of everything that is Weezer seems more relevant, more on the money and more in control than at any time since Pinkerton. From the signature house style on their record sleeves to the fact Rivers’ Twitter feed is a goddamned work of art. Their positioning of themselves as a band who can tour North America with a support band called Pixies is one of the greatest tricks a rock and roll band ever pulled.

Weezer kept being great. Kept us guessing, kept us laughing and kept us rocking for decades before it suddenly became clear… They might be one of the best bands in the world.

As they drip everything with thick black paint like some fetishy terminator made from liquid latex (not that special metal that can walk through prison bars) you can’t help but feel a warm seasonal glow in your punk pop heart.

Weezer have The Black Album on the way. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

11 thoughts on “Zombie Bastards – Weezer

  1. What’s this? Forget Zombie Bastards… Toto covered Hash Pipe!? Holy smokes, Steve! This is a revelation!

    Weezer, though… I’ve been done with them a long time. A long, long time.

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      1. They did. Although I was losing faith before then, the impact of the Red Album, Raditude and Hurley was definitely the last straw. There was no going back.

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