Home Sweet Home – Mötley Crüe

Have you seen Hot Tub Time Machine?

I mean of course you have. Hot Tub Time Machine is one of those movies you can’t avoid. It’s like Richie Rich or Sister Act 2. If the TV schedules have a gap and they can’t fill it with inane celebrities talking about what they had for school dinners or why Queen/Only Fools And Horses/The 1980’s were the best thing ever, they put on Hot Tub Time Machine.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not hating on it. For a movie that crowbars in puke gags, jokes about middle aged men getting it on with High School Girls and Chevy Chase it does better than most. Hell I even own a copy of it myself.

Hot Tub Time Machine is popular because it hits the notes of the 80’s flashbacks so damned well and who doesn’t want to see Crispin Glover lose an arm? But the music is a tricky predicament. If you were a fan of hair metal in 1986 you’re supposed to look back on it now with flushed cheeks and wonder what you were thinking.

Mötley Crüe are an ideal band to lampoon in that context. They looked ridiculous at the time. Now you cannot imagine how that was ever considered acceptable. Poison too, who turn up and play live in the film, fit the same ‘Killed by Cobain’ image as Crüe. But here’s the rub…

I can’t pretend there’s any irony at work here at all. Home Sweet Home is a proper anthem. If Coldplay or Oasis or Foo Fighters had recorded Home Sweet Home it would not be hidden behind a wall of ironic posture and laughed at like it is in the end credits of Hot Tub Time Machine.

I’m not going to pretend The Crüe are misunderstood ill-appreciated geniuses.

I’ve always considered the band’s reputation far higher than their talent. Great image, impressive showmanship but the song writing isn’t exactly in the same class as their peers. There’s barely a decent song on Theatre Of Pain outside of Home Sweet Home. It was written by committee and was one of the bands few 80’s hits to not depend on the endorsement of strippers to put it into context. Never the less, it’s an amazingly good simple naive heartfelt song.

8 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – Mötley Crüe

    1. Oh, SFTD, I am finally at odds with you, but not much. First off, I just gotta say it, I have not seen the movie. It has always just seemed like something I didn’t want to watch. But as for this song, I’m not a fan and I wouldn’t be if anybody else had done it. It just feels like something that somebody else had already done better. Still, there are some songs on Theater I like. Maybe I just like them now because I didn’t know well enough not to dislike them then, but I like City Boys Blues, Keep Your Eye on the money, and Save Our Souls (Even then I knew enough to realize what failed reaches songs like Fight for Your Rights and Use it or Lose it were). As for the previous comment about Theater being awful, it couldn’t have been awful, because Girls, Girls, Girls was awful (save a couple tracks), and Theater is better than that. I’m just rambling now. Be well.

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      1. Hey Paul. I remember how crushed I was when TOP didn’t live up to Shout or Too Fast. I was sooo saddened by it. My buddies and I had only just discovered MC and they’d already gone off.

        The band never really really crossed over in the UK. They cancelled too many times (Dr. Feelgood Tour Wembley 1989 and 90) and when they did play live (castle Donington) they blew it with backing tracks and poor vocals and Home Sweet Home was released several times as a single from TOP right up to a Decade Of Decadence remix to try and get them a hit here.

        The movie… it’s garbage.


      2. Figured about the movie. Crue was huge here, but their LP strength pretty much died after Shout. I loved that album so much; still do. They were entirely too poppy after that, and usually when they rocked it seemed forced. You shouldn’t see the effort to make an anthem; it should just be an anthem, Have you read Nikki’s heroin book? Sheds some light. They got huge here again with Feelgood, and almost all of it was pop music, not even pop rock. Wildside stood out; I was a fan of Dancin’ on Glass. Dr. Feelgood is strong enough. Kickstart worked, but it still pales for me up against some of the other stuff. I saw them 89/90 and then again in ‘05 or so, and they were decent, but I was about half in the bag both times (or more), so it mighta just been the juice,

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      3. I read The Dirt. I didn’t feel like I needed to read another book about them when The Heroin Diaries came out. I’ve seen them since with all the fire and lights and it’s a better show than it is a song book.

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      4. I didn’t read the first book; might get around to it one of these days, but I’m like you; already read the one…. The reason I mentioned HD is that it really goes into just how dysfunctional Nikki was when it was time to produce for Girls. It’s amazing that they even got an album out, even one with so much filler that needed a cover to stretch it to minimally accepted length.

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  1. I couldn’t take Crue seriously after this album, though I too like the song. “Smokin’ In the Boys Room” wasn’t bad either but for years, I called Motley Crue the four worst musicians to get together and form a band. “Hot Tub Time Machine” is a funny film though.

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