Cut You In – Jerry Cantrell

From the magnificently titled 90’s solo record Boggy Depot comes one of my favourite Alice In Chains related tunes. Cut You In has a fantastic dirty desperation to its groove.

It’s still heavy, it’s still grungey and it’s still very clearly ‘of the genre’ that spawned it and yet Cut You In has a ‘rare for the time’ magical element to it. You can dirty dance to Cut You In.

I’m not talking about bopping about or moshing. I’m talking about slut dropping filth. Cut You In has got you covered if you want to see tattooed sexy people with long hair and bits of metal poking through their skin writhing like the dancers in hip hop videos (and lets face it who doesn’t want that?)

Slip this on in a biker bar and see what’s going down by the time the horns kick in on that chorus.

Of course I have no frame of reference for the above statement. Only my own imagination. OK. Let’s be honest no one would want to peek behind that particular Wizard’s Curtain. It just seems in hindsight, Grunge is oft remembered as a sexless phenomenon. It wasn’t all righteousness and politics and (qouth Bowling For Soup “Singers who are mad at their Dads”).

It makes some sense when you think where Alice In Chains got their name from (a kinky skin flick) and that Soundgarden were only half kidding with Big Dumb Sex. Kurt by all accounts (well by Courtney’s account) had a fling with a Brazilian Porn Star (it was her idea she says) and all that long-haired shirt off stuff Cornell and Vedder got up to definitely helped shift a fair few units on videos alone regardless of the art.

You can file this along side Orange Goblin, Monster Magnet, Kyuss and QOTSA as heavy metal for strippers to work with and that’s not an insult to anyone involved. That’s high praise.

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