Son Of Mr Green Genes – Frank Zappa

Frank’s a bit of a mage. He’s been in the periphery of my musical vision since day 1. Waving his hands around like a lunatic and causing people to smirk at the nonsense of it all.

When I was a tiny little kid the men in my family liked Frank. They looked like Frank and they had a high tolerance for that Monty Python vein of the absurd as anarchy.

Pink Floyd for laughs, a bit Vivian Stanshall and a bit Rolling Stones. That’s how I saw the beardy long haired visage of Frank beaming out from those album covers that littered Uncle Colin’s house. Huge sideburns just like Dad and his brothers. Robert R. Crumb stickers on the fridge door and motorcycle parts literally everywhere in the house.

My mother would despair at the state of Colin’s house. She’d fuss and clean and tidy and chastise the whole time we were visiting. I just knew he had records. Fun records like Meat Loaf and Hot Rats. Records with funny sleeves like Weasels Ripped My Flesh (…Rzzzz) and Ship arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch.

The last time I felt compelled to post a Frank Zappa tune I went for brevity in the form of Baby Snakes. The shorter and spikier the closer to my own Punk and Pop Rock tastes. I’ve banged on about 200 Motels over on Stuff And That when I did my barometer *ahem* Rock-O-Meter of Rock Movies. I know so much of Frank’s music inside out a single two and a bit minute entry does not seem to be enough. I was smitten with Over-Nite Sensation and Apostrophe and Sheik Yerbouti when I was a kid. So on to the track in hand.

Son Of Mr Green Genes is a wholesome instrumental of dexterous guitar work, jazzy time changes and a killer band putting each other through their paces. It’s kind of loungey and easy listening in some places but to me it sounds like a family day out. The guitar work is natural and as impressive now as I found it in my childhood.

5 thoughts on “Son Of Mr Green Genes – Frank Zappa

  1. Fantastic piece, Steve. Loved it.
    And I love that album too. Along with others you mentioned (Overnite Sensation and Apostrophe), Hot Rats is my favourite Zappa. A strong case can be mounted for it marking (or at least being part of) the beginning of jazz-rock and even progressive rock. Great stuff.

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  2. As a teenager in New Jersey during the mid to late 1970s, I am quite sure that listening to Frank Zappa was a requirement to attend my high school. I have always considered him a musical genius and I love the piece you sampled here.

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  3. I started with ‘Apostrophe’ (before I was growing any kind of hair on my face) and worked or listened my way into Frank’s music. Never to abandon it. Good set up by Steve For The Deaf for this tune. I guess I”l be doing the FZ tango tomorrow.

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