This Corrosion – The Sisters Of Mercy

This is about as Goth as it gets. There’s an orchestral choir making heavenly ‘ahhhh’s before the keyboard stromps in over acoustic guitars and fake drums.

The chorus is a chant which Andrew can do his low spoken growl thing behind and darken your eyes Kids you’re away.

One thing that always amazed me as a metalhead looking at goth from the outside in, was how ‘pop’ and lightweight a lot of the music was.

The biggest bands in metal at the time were genuinely hard for non-fans to hear such was the abrasive nature of NOWBHM or thrash. It hurt ‘others’ heads even trying. This Corrosion is a light weight tune (this is not an insult) for bopping to in a club alongside the synths and 808’s of the charts at the time.

It was the image that kept the filthy casuals away from Goth. Some of the music was really accessible. It was also what made the metal boys come around. We were all wearing denim and tour shirts and looking around our pubs thinking there was one girl to every thirty guys and she was the barmaid.

And yet down the road at the Goth Haunt they had that girl you liked from Woolworths but she now looked like she had just stepped off an album sleeve by a band you’d listen to.

“Hey now, hey now now, sing mixed emotion to me”

5 thoughts on “This Corrosion – The Sisters Of Mercy

  1. Music for me is like a time capsule, and there are so many nights where those Goth girls looked amazing, enticing and unfortunately, way out of reach 🙂

    This and The Misson take me back to a small fenland market town, first time living away from home and the heady evenings of teenage rock and goth music on the jukebox, getting looks from the locals because we had long hair (turn the page anyone?).

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