Sunglasses After Dark – The Cramps

The Mad Daddies of Schlock Horror Rock. Lux Interior, Bryan Gregory, Nick Knox and Poison Ivy Rorschach penned the first and last word in B-Movie Punk cool… *ahem* well after Alice Cooper and The Ramones had been at it for a few years anyway *ahem*

Sunglasses After Dark could be as fitting a choice as at least a couple of dozen other tunes to represent The Cramps here on SteveForTheDeaf.

The surf guitar, The ferocious drumming. Full of libido and cheap thrills Lux yelps the lyrics while Poison Ivy nails the groove with her hollow bodied guitar. This is 50’s rock and roll as the horrified PTA’s heard it. It took all that outrage for a gang of ghouls to make it real.

First heard on 1980’s Songs The Lord Taught Us, I chose Sunglasses After Dark over all their other (just as perfect) tracks because of the ridiculous cheap thrill you can get by wearing sunglasses after dark and setting this song off in the back of your head.

Try it. Next time you’re out and about (maybe you’ve got a couple of drinks in you) and you’re on your way home. Dig into your pocket and put on the shades. Even if the sun is now completely down. This song will well up in the back of your mind like you’re a Werewolf catching first sight of a full moon.

If you’re not doing little zombie things with your arms and twitching your shoulders to the beat by the time you get home you’re going to have to ask yourself. What kind of creep are you?


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