25 Days – Hello Saferide

This is an unusual way to go about structuring a pop song. Annika Norlin bares her inner most insecurities and wears her heart on the soles of other peoples shoes when she writes for Hello Saferide.

25 Days has a wonky vocal harmony device which lends to the vulnerability of the proceedings as she counts down the days until she sees her lover again.

“25, 25 days, that’s too much, much too much” 

Begins the lyric. After this we get a sort of reversal of Craig David’s week of sexy. Only instead of getting jiggy on Tuesday (or whatever it is he does) we have almost a month long existential crisis staring us down.

“25, until I get to see you. 25, until I get to know if what we just started will have conquered backpacker girls with newly braided hair and Manu Chao records, it will soon be 24. Oh! You’re so worth waiting for”

Fortunately (for fans of brevity) the days are rattled through in a sort of ‘Sad Kids of Sesame Street’ style in verse two. Even skipping day eleven in the count down

“Because I slept for so long”

The song plays out like a small piece of radio theatre. A romantic vision from the one who stayed behind. I won’t spoil the ending for you. However, I will say that the moment she sings…

“You need to come back”

…Hits me like a fucking hammer in the guts when I hear it & I’m far from home on business.

To quote another European Indie Pop Weirdo (Whale) ‘I can’t resist crying at airports’.

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