Bassackwards – Kurt Vile

Kurt is one of the artists I have the WordPress community to thank for being in my listening life. It was people using phrases like “Getting giddy” – J. Hubner at Complex Distractions and “Meandering With Intent” – J. at Resurrection Songs who got me listening to Kurt. What I heard as essentially the laid back J. Macis style guitar man with pop nous on Loading Zones was something I’d kind of ignored as maybe too ‘heady’ for me in the past. I get it now (bear with me).

Kurt’s gentle way with a pronunciation is almost as beguiling as his practically horizontal guitar dexterity. The accent is a big part of the charm.

Bassackwards uses loops and studio FX quite blatantly. All be it, in a very old school tape flipping kind of way. He’s bedded into my musical world nicely. First by hanging out with one of my obsessions in Courtney Barnett on last years Lotta Sea Lice collaboration (this all comes back around, bear with me) and secondly by being the ‘guy’ everyone is happy to have burbling in the back ground while they try to work in the office.

I’m sure he’d have got to me in 2018 one way or another as his star has been rising for a while now and he appears to have filled a spot where Springsteen fans who are mourning the passing of Tom Petty and can’t keep waiting for a new Lemonheads record forever (BEAR with ME) have to scratch their country itch one way or another. Imagine hypothetically being held hostage by a large apex predator (who was somehow literate) from the woods, and you were trying to send a signal to the outside world…

Itches and scratches be damned this is some nice smooth Americana with a Mercury Rev Lite amount of strange and a twist of My Morning Jacket fret wandering as and when you want it. And it turns out I want it, quite a lot. That’s a “Fat Kid + Cake” kind of a lot.

You can find there are some odd metaphors in use when writing about music but bEaR wItH mE.

Happy New Year!

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