Brave New World – The Blinders

These guys have got some verve going in their Northern indie rock. They’ve got some spunk in their punky sound and they’re not afraid of breaking out the Alice Cooper eye make up when they play their glam rock infused hook laden noise.

Young ‘Un’s telling us through cynical eyes what’s up with the state of the nation is the main staple of conscious rock and roll. These guys have stripped out a lot of the bullshit from their bag of tricks but they’ve hung on to (or even revitalised) some decidedly 70’s aspects of what a band should be. All this categorizing and yet they do it with a unique mix of Kasabian Swagger, a stage craft with nods to The Damned. There’s not a little Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in their sound (intentional or not) they come off like the Iggy And The Stooges of the Flying Vinyl Scene.

I featured their other single L’etat C’est Moi way back in the summer and said all sorts of nice things about their ‘Big ideas rock on a budget’. Well I’ve lived with Brave New World for a few months before writing about them again. It’s fitted in well. It takes contemporary pot shots at things like The Kardashian’s and Reality TV. It sounds great mixed in with the Goat Girl, Dream Wife, Amazons class of here and now and it holds its own alongside your evergreen Jam, Specials, Buzzcocks (RIP Pete) stuff.

The Blinders? Played up to their name in 2018. I’m expecting big things in the next 12 months, I just hope they can stay this lean and mean and keep the clutter their inevitable success will bring out of their sound.

Right now this band are a racing snake. Stay lean Fellas and I’ll see you in the New World.

Happy New Year!

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