Lux Prima – Karen O & Danger Mouse

Seeing as were in the high end of slinky pop right now let us go uptown with a scene queen who began life as a gutter punk but has ascended to the very top tier in recent years.

Lux Prima sounds like an expensive soap in song title alone. The kind of bathroom product that costs the price of a weeks shopping but has a feel, a smell and a lasting impact on your senses that makes you seriously consider starving for a week so you can smell like a billionaire for a short while.

The record itself has a super star producers name tied to it. The last time I looked Danger Mouse’s way he was hauling Red Hot Chili Peppers into the hear and now with his impressive addition to their sound on The Getaway.

Now he’s making trip hop nirvana for penthouse suites with Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and making me wish I’d paid more attention since It’s Blitz.

I remember Karen doing that Squeaky Clean track that tried to sell me sneakers and her work on Where The Wild Things Are being kinda cool and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo gave us a Led Zeppelin industrial roc.

This song smells like high end spirits.

Karen, you have my attention.

Happy New Year!


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