No Law City – Lizzies

This song went straight to my gut the first time I heard it. Sounding like a lost gem from the mid 80’s metal scene, No Law City by Lizzies is my metal anthem of 2018. This is how I like my rock and roll. Layers of crunchy guitar. A soaring lead riff and buckets of Judas Priest.

It’s hard to talk about the brilliance of this record and not make comparisons to the bands of old they so closely resemble. The Riff is pure Defenders of the Faith era JP, the vocals are like Heart on Barracuda. The Solo is Jake E Lee style Ozzy Osbourne. The attitude is pure The Donnas and here I think is where we find our touchiest of touch stones.

If The Donnas were the bratty sister of The Ramones (and wouldn’t everyone love it if that were actually true) then Lizzies are the latchkey offspring of Pat Benetar and Dokken living in a cul-de-sac with unlocked garages and empty pools while their parents are on tour. I mean, Dee Snider might be on babysitting duty, but you and I know he’s using the phone and stealing from the drinks cabinet more than he’s tucking anyone up in bed. That all fits the sound perfectly. Except for one tiny detail…

Lizzies are Spanish. How great is that? This band making 1980’s Los Angeles Metal in 2018 are actually some really cool swimming against the times Spanish kids. They’ve got everything down pat and they look utterly cool doing it in modern Madrid.

Look at how straight they play it in their cheesy video. Look at the hand painted female wrestling image in their album cover.

lizzies no thin ice

Listen to that chiming guitar hook over those vocals and tell me this isn’t absolutely fucking brilliant.

Happy New Year!

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