Sister Moon – The Magpie Salute

The other half of The Black Crowes Botherhood has not yet featured on SteveForTheDeaf all the while vocalist Chris laid down pretty much one of my absolute favourite tracks of 2017 with his stoney, detour laden wind through The Black Crowes latter day classic I Ain’t Hiding.

I’ve heard the odd track by Brother Rich’s Magpie Salute and I’ve kinda liked what I heard. It wasn’t until sitting down and fully immersing myself in the album though, that the penny dropped. There are some beautiful moments on High Water 1. Sister Moon is one of them.

It comes off like it’s going to be a cover version of Cry Me a River at first. That single note riff apeing some CCR style vibe so you feel you might be getting a cover of a cover. Then a softer more mellow vocal melody than expected coos it’s way in.

“Hold yourself up hang your head high, out in the distance and orange sky, sister moon you came too soon, it it true all those things that they say about you”

This is some classic Humble Pie, Free, The Band style country rock and roll. This isn’t pastiche in any way. The band have played their gigs, paid their dues and had their hits elsewhere and now they seem to be in it just for the sheer joy of playing the music they love. This is not a commercial endeavour, somehow that is its greatest strength. The Magpie Salute are not looking to be rock stars. They’re first and foremost (to coin an old adage) An American Band.

“You were all dressed in black when you kissed my mouth and smiled with the roof tipped back”

It don’t get no more heartland than that. This is beautiful stuff.

I seem to recall a jaunt called The Brotherly Love Tour in which Oasis and The Black Crowes zig zagged across the USA as co-headliners. Now that Liam is doing his 70’s Glam Pop and Noel is at it with his Arty Album Rock, Chris has his Jamming band of Heads and Rich has The Salute I think we should get two tours going. With one Oasis brother and one Crowes brother on each. In the words of Dexter (out of The Offspring) if we ‘Keep ‘Em Separated’ we could double our rock and roll fun.

Happy New Year!

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