Last On The List – Massive Wagons

This seemed like the ideal final post for this Squeezing In Of Songs I Liked In 2018 Jamboree. It’s from the album I rated the highest in 2018.

I flipped for their album back in August when they were pushing it’s release and charting their progress in the midweeks etc. It was a tweet from a respected source that made me decide to buy the record online without ever hearing a single track.

I then proceeded to play very little other than Massive Wagons for the rest of the summer. Full Nelson does not have a bad song on it. But Last On The List is not only one of the best it’s probably my favourite.

By the end of August I’d recommended the band to several work colleagues, found out this was their fourth album (How have I missed this band?) and that some of the other tracks on Full Nelson have had previous incarnations on their other records (you know how much I love it when bands have a do-over of a previous song right?).

I’ve bought vinyl now. Am often seen in Massive Wagons T-Shirts and generally consider myself ‘into Massive Wagons’.

This band from Northern England with their classic rock sound and their enthusiasm for Van Halen, Kiss, Bon Jovi, ZZ Top, Status Quo and Twisted Sister have put many a smile on my face in 2018

Happy New Year!

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