Make America Great Again – Frank Turner

From the politically powerful Be More Kind album (what times are we living in where that is a contentious thing to say?) Single number 37 from that record, Make America Great Again is a stealth agit punk tune dressed up as a happy little pop ditty.

Frank makes a tit of himself in a bow tie and suit in the video to subvert the angry anti fascist punk of 1933 and goes all tinkly and polished with a song about the good old US of A.

But the message? The message comes from the strangers who become friends in the video. This might distract the listener from the lyrical content, yet words wise this is little more than setting a bunch a protest placards to music. That said when you see what these boys and girls in America thinks makes their home great you can’t help but share a little love for the each of them. Those crazy kids, those soppy truthers and those most human of beings.

‘Let’s Make America Great Again By Making Racists Afraid Again’ Sounds good in song. And yet it’s a line we’ve heard before. Or seen before at least. It’s a neat response to that tag line the current US President used as his ‘Yes We Can’.

So Frank had a good 2018. He started it early with There She Is in 2017. He had a bonefide hit with Blackout and learned to dance in Little Changes. He played hundreds of shows and saw Be More Kind do some good business. He also did some good himself with this little number.

Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “Make America Great Again – Frank Turner

  1. Great choice for last song of year! Love the video. Saw him in Baltimore Md play. Introduced it by saying his English friends dared him to play to an American crowd! But he did and we loved it!

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