Touring – Ramones

All Ramones records are good records. Some pop up where you least expect them to in their long and prolific career and are ‘Gooder’ than others.

Touring is a latter day highlight from the end of the Mondo Bizarro record which by rights shouldn’t work at all. The Ramones love of 50’s surf pop was well documented by the time 1992 rolled around. There had been Beach Boys covers, 50’s hit parade covers and a million references to the doo-wop, all American band stand era from the very first flush onwards.

They were never a band to claim and influence du-jour. They liked what they liked.

On an album that was very much part of their Heavy Metal era. When the band had seen the most loyal and accepting fanbase for them were the same audience who had kept Mötorhead and Judas Priest fed since the late 70’s. Touring is quite the stand out.

Mondo Bizarro was an album that chimed with the times of it’s release. Poison Heart and Strength to Endure fitted in nicely along side the new Nirvana’s and Soundgarden’s debut singles. Maybe their time was finally going to come for some mainstream big time success.

Of course. We know that would have spoiled them. The Ramones were for the outsiders. The Ohh Wah Ohh’s that layer Touring and the ode to the road that they penned so effortlessly is about the other normal. The one only the kids who listen to the bands on their T-Shirts really get to know about.

God I miss them.

Look because you’ve got this far I’ve got a little treat for you. Here’s a so bad it’s great alternative video for Touring. The Claymation Ramones

3 thoughts on “Touring – Ramones

  1. Love The Ramones. I met my wife at a Ramones concert. Their songs short and to the point. 1-2-3-4! I was lucky enough to see them a couple times I don’t think Joey took a breathe the entire concert- just one song into another. Their first four albums are the best I think but all are worth having.

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