Girls Like Status – The Hold Steady

The intro plays out like the guitars and the harmonica are squeezing in through the door together both trying to get to the last seat in the house before Craig Finn’s lyrical soap opera kicks in with it’s latest episode.

“But he’s done with all the parties, he’s covered in contusions, your life leaves laugh lines, your rug leaves bright bruises, she said she was cruising but she came back all proud and out of focus with a cool car cranking Krokus”

You wouldn’t want to miss this. The latest episode in the mixed up Telenovela that is The Hold Steady’s lyrics. Except it’s all screened out of sequence and some times it comes from the protagonists perspective, sometimes it’s a side quest.

Girls Like Status is a B-Side from the Boys And Girl In America era. It served as the flip to Chips Ahoy but has taken on a life of it’s own since then. When they played the Boys And Girls in London shows to mark the 10th anniversary of that album back in March Girls Like Status was welcomed like a greatest hit.

“He was dreadlocked in the dorms in the Colorado corn, he says he’s got your vegetation, she was sitting on the edge of the bed smoking trying to reach emancipation, and he’s done with DVDs, he’s fully entertained, he’s bleaching out the blood stains, he’s got diamonds in the drain, she said that she was coming but she mostly just made hard fast noises, It kind of sounded like The Locust”

One of the most intricate and self referential of all THS lyrics Girls Like Status also boasts shout out’s to 70’s classic rock, contemporary art punk outfits and their own previous records. This stuff is nerdnip. And I’m hooked.

“It was song number three on John’s last CD, “I’m going to make it through this year if it kills me” and it almost killed me, like song number four on that first D4, “You want the scars but you don’t want the war”, now that’s just hardcore these kids are clever to the core”

In that verse alone they’ve tipped their tricorns at The Mountain Goats album The Sunset Tree and it’s huge shoulda been hit This Year, they’ve thrown back to Dillinger Four’s debut Midwestern Songs Of The America’s and referenced their own debut album The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me.

All that and a big Cooper-esque ‘child chorus line’ style chant and a killer Koobs solo… A frikkin’ B-Side!



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