Beat The Bullet – Vain

It was that clanging bass line that drew me in. I had mates who could not understand my obsession with Vain and their No Respect single Beat The Bullet back in the days of the reign of hair metal.

That malevolent opening gave them a sound closer to Skid Row and Guns N’ Roses than a lot of the other more clunky acts hanging around sunset strip shooting videos almost identical to this one. That’s why they get a slot in Hair Metal Lost Wot Not Week.

It was a crowded field with the Bang Tangos, Danger Dangers and Faster Pussycats all clogging up the stage doors with their songs about girls, cars and booze.

I don’t really know any other song by Vain at all. I mean I had the album. No Respect had a really striking cover (There’s a lot to be said for a jagged red logo on a black background) but nothing on there does what Beat The Bullet does. The guitar sound on Beat The Bullet is perfect. It sounds like Los Angeles sunshine and hair spray. There’s the obligatory flashy solo which is full of cheap tricks and divebombing and there’s a sort of almost punk edge to it that Britney Foxx or Firehouse just didn’t have.

I could hear it anyway. My friends at the time? Not so much. Our little gang were all deeply into the rock scene of the late 80’s at our school. I was on my own with this one though. What did they know? They all liked Great White…


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