Satellite Kid – The Dogs D’Amour

In a bit of contrast to the last couple of ‘pretty boys’ posts here comes something that got caught up with the Hair Metal Boom from England. No one ever accused The Dogs D’Amour of being pretty.

To say I listened to this band a lot as a teen is to understate how many times boys of a certain age will play the same records over and over again. The Dogs D’Amour…In The Dynamite Jet Saloon…, A Grave Yard Of Empty Bottles, Errol Flynn, Straight! and More Unchartered Heights Of Disgrace are an immaculate run of albums (OK so one of those is only twenty minutes long) unrivaled in their sleaziness, their soiled beauty and their dedication to being elegantly wasted.

Cheap wine and bad intentions drip from those records in such a way that the caricature of Tyla as some Cowboy Troubadour from the old west who just happens to be fronting a glam rock band feels sincere. Despite his clearly being from Wolverhampton England and kipping rough in Soho London.

Satellite Kid is the Dogs having a crack at the big time. This was the lead single from the second album Errol Flynn. The album had to be renamed in the US as King Of Thieves for copyright reasons.

Tyla and his band got into the UK top 40 with this when us kids were buying up anything that looked and smelled like Guns N’ Roses in 1989. The flip side Drunk Like Me was some serious foreshadowing for how the rest of their career would go down.

In the end, like many bands in cowboy boots and leather trousers the image got the better of the people involved. There’s a legacy of messy destruction tied to this band. They bought the ticket and they took the ride.


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