Happy Unhappy – The Beths

In a world… (*ahem*, imagine you’re reading this in the Voice Over Man voice)

In a world where The Donnas, The Courtneys and The Lizzies are all past loves you still hold a torch aloft for, it’s time. It’s time to prepare yourself. To prepare to fall in love again… Your next crush comes to you from New Zealand bristling with pop melodies and indie jangle. They come with backing vocals and feedback soaked solo’s to spare. Clean your teeth, brush your hair. Iron your shirt and polish your boots. Prepare your heart. It’s time to bump into The Beths on a street corner and ask them to come get a coffee with you.

“Higher than a biplane you hit me like a hurricane, I bailed out hit the ground and washed up in a storm drain”

You’ll find yourself thinking about them when you should be concentrating on work and looking up their album Future Me Hates Me online. Reading the track-listing  just to see if there are songs on there with titles as cute and as clever, that speak to you (and only you) so loud and so clearly as the album title itself does (seriously Future Me Hates Me is a genius song title) and you know what? There are.

Those Lemonheads’y guitar breaks tumbling either side of the dexterous delivery of rapid fire lyrics like

“Casue I was fine on my own tolling steady like a dial tone, couldn’t you leave me, happy unhappy”

Make the listener (well… me) swoon. It puts me in mind of the intense summer I spent listening to Liz Phair and The Waifs with a wonderful gang of Aussies. It reminds me of sunburn when there’s snow on the ground outside.

Enough of the pretense. I need to stand up and awkwardly declare how I feel because I’m sneaking out to my car to listen to The Beths during breaks and keeping one ear bud in so I can have them on low when I should be on the phone.

“‘Cause you’re in my brain taking up space for things, like remembering pins and to take out the bins and remembering that one particular film that that actor was in, I see your face superimposed over everything, it ain’t right, it ain’t right, it ain’t right”

Hey, I know we just met. I know we come from different worlds, you being a band in New Zealand with your singers Courtney Barnett hair and your killer Dinosaur Jr meets The Sundays guitar sound. Me? I’m here on the internets, confessing my feelings on a blog to three dudes and a girl across the world who just wanted to make music…

This is so sudden but… Hi The Beths, I’m in love with your band.





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