Yeah! New York – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I saw William’s post this morning about It’s Blitz and he got me thinking back to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs with his sign off. OK I know his post was back in July last year… But remember the old SteveForTheDeaf Time Paradox? No? OK. Good. Anyway it’s 2019 now and here I am answering his question.

I went in hard for this band. Have some context…

That motley crew of printers I have mentioned before (see the Guillemots post for instance) were big on the new rock revolution stuff and we saw bands like BRMC, Interpol and Soulwax at afterwork shows where we’d all trudge in the next day hungover and useless.

We got in on YYY’s with the debut EP. Master to some, Bang! to others or Mystery Girl to us (on account of Double Steve’s hilarious version of it when we were driving to pick up take out one lunch time) It was a five track EP that demanded you would want to know more. Machine followed and while not as essential, it was a great A-Side and a good primer for the album.

Fever To Tell was eagerly awaited upon its release. Milky and I went off to the high street that lunchtime (the day of release) with a sandwich order for the whole team and a whip round from the design office to come back with 4 CD copies of the debut Yeah Yeah Yeahs LP.

They only had five copies in stock. The designers wanted four. Milky wanted one. I wanted one. This was a conundrum.

The designers were after all, paying for the records and for lunch. We back room boys had a quandary on our hands. I struck a deal with Milky where we go back to the office burn two copies and then we leave the spare in house until one of us could come up with the cash. First one with a spare tenner gets the original release and the other guy gets to at least listen along.

Fever To Tell is a terrific album. It has some of the best singles of that period of time in it in the form of Date With The Night, Pin and Maps. It also holds just as many classic tracks sitting around as deep cuts. Y Control, Rich and Man to name but three.

Yeah! New York was described as a European Bonus Track on the back of the disc and it was Milky who found the funds first. By the time I got around to buying my own copy it was on vinyl and Yeah! New York was gone. Leaving the Magnificent Modern Romance as the albums closing track

They followed Fever To Tell quite quickly with the Isis EP and then the Rockers To Swallow live set. Then they started to evolve. Faster than I wanted them to. Show Your Bones is a great album but it’s not got the neon punk bratty nature of the earlier stuff. The chord was cut by the time It’s Blitz came out. My fault not theirs.

A great band with a real rock star up front. Another amazing presence on drums and a guitarist whose place is assured in the Parthenon of six stringers who have advanced the art form.

“Red hair, pink eyes, Oweee, goodbye!”

3 thoughts on “Yeah! New York – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  1. I didn’t like the whole album originally, just certain tracks. It’s a classic around these parts nowadays though. Saw them last spring and Karen O was a rocket!

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