Reprisal – Lady Bird

Over ominous organ parps and some manic The Fall style doom laden indie a mood builds like a storm cloud in a piece of time-lapse video until the spoken word vocal asks one of the most vital questions of the modern age.

“Whatever happened to going for a nice drink with and old friend?”

This single came into my sphere via Flying Vinyl (previous notable mentions include Geowulf, Chloe Black, The Amazons and Hey Charlie) and I’d never batted an eyelid at Lady Bird the band before playing the seven-inch which came in their January box. 

As band names go it’s a bit too zeitgeisty to stand out from the crowd. Too easy to mix up with Greta Gerwig’s hit indie flick currently waiting for its awards and gongs. Too standard a home crafted cut paste and Tipp-Ex sleeve. Too unremarkable in all from the outside… Until you hear the music. It’s full of challenges, full of ideas and full of questions.

“Whats makes this policeman any different from the man he is fighting?”

Lady Bird are definitely from the Slaves, Fountaines DC, Idles camp of articulate awkward indie verbosity. Lady Bird make their sound by adding some murky organ texture to their 3 piece indie suite and a vocal that sounds like Tim from The Streets track The Irony Of It All has replaced Eddie Argos for a run at Art Brut doing some Gil Scott Heron.

There’s an air of Modern Life Is Rubbish era Blur, There’s a sniff of Libertines, There’s a dash of Buzzcocks and there’s apparently no bass player (like errrr The Doors?!?!) I like it. I’ve a sneaking suspicion you will too if any of the shout outs above sound like recommendations already.

Lady Bird. One to watch. And one to listen out for.

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