Which Side Are You On? – B Dolan

“Who let the torch pass fall in the tall grass?”

I’m not going to write too much. I’m going to let B. say his thing. I’ll say mine and then I’m going to ask a question.

“I’m on the side of poor people getting organized, I’m on the side of Choice where it is in short supply, I’m on the side of those the system doesn’t authorize, L-G-B-T We are on the side of Pride, Justice and Equality, Egypt to Wisconsin when they march against the Policy, If you bringing down a King I’m on your side probably”

History shows us that in politically charged times (and these are definitely that) regimes come for the ‘others’ first. The minorities, the weaker-thans, the different. It also shows that if you sit by and think ‘It won’t happen to me’ the risk is, they now have a precedent.

If the administration can incarcerate children at the border today, they can go further tomorrow. What started on one group soon expands. That could lead to the ability to incarcerate your loved ones for being sick, for being gay, for being poor or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those in power have now had practice. They now have the facilities and now it’s kinda normal. This is how a society gets to the stage where there are lists and night raids and rules about how to dress and what you can and can’t say.

With that in mind. Which side are you on?

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