I Choose To Live – Creeper

Melodrama can sound perfectly in context if your mood is fitting with the moment. I Choose To Live is an emo torch song about feeling old in your 20’s. It’s absurd in some ways. It’s easy to mock eyeliner on boys who seem to revel in ‘the dark side’ the way rock and roll has tended to for over 50 years.


In an age where suicide is claiming lives at an alarming rate and mental health issues are under supported, still taboo and each piece of bad news keeps crashing into the previous bombshell before it’s had time to be fully digested.

In this era, I see the message. The chink of light and the support a big lighter waving (I guess it’s phone waving these days) Queen style piano ballad about hanging on in there can give someone down in the hole? Even as a grey and ageing fat bloke with hundreds of gigs under his belt I see it.

Music as inspiration, motivation and affirmation? Nowt wrong with that.

Choose Goth, Choose Life.


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