Make Damn Sure – Taking Back Sunday

Emo Tropes! Get your Emo Tropes! Emo! Tropes! Buy one get one free! Emo! Emo! Emo Tropes!

What starts with *literally* a sharp intake of breath and a style over substance polemic is soon matched with chuggy riffage and a cry baby chorus the likes of which that there Jimmy Eat World and them MCR’s used to make.

Taking Back Sunday are either True Scene Leaders or Middle of the Pack Genre Plodders. That’s depending on your own affiliations to the guyliner and floppy fringed world of the scene that spawned both Brand New and Fall Out Boy, from where I’m sitting.

Yeah, why not? I like TBS. I like pop punk. I like bands that play pop music as if it were the most vital force in their world even though it’s the equivalent of a teenager screaming  ‘you just don’t understand!’ at their parents from behind a closed bedroom door. For me that’s the very kernel of what pop and rock should be about.

So, Make Damn Sure has quiet bits between the shouty bits and owes both Green Day (sonically) and The Cure (aspirationally) an enormous debt.

It’s also immensely hummable and that  “I just wanna break you down so badly” call and response chorus can loop around in your brain for hours without end (trust me I speak from experience)

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a band turn up and do exactly what you expect them to do based on their haircuts alone. TBS are that band for Pop Punk Protagonists everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Make Damn Sure – Taking Back Sunday

  1. I like the sound and the style of the group. A couple of questions: it seems like he’s singing a love song, but he wants to “break them down so badly”. Then in the video it shows predator and prey with the prey being “broken down” [into food]. So… is this a love song or one of revenge?

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