Shake Your Blood – Probot

Let’s not be coy about this. It was obvious this was going to come up. Lemmy taking vocal duties for an ALL METAL side project which Grohl used to play ultimate fanboy on with all of his metal legend heroes.

Shake Your Blood is basically a Motörhead song in all but title. Just a Motörhead song with Dave Grohl on Drums.

“Looking for relief in your miserable life you need some rock and roll & you better get it right, got to roll them bones, do everything they say, if you’re cool, you’re the fool. Make it work everyday”

So far so Motörhead. So brilliant. So very very brilliant.

The rest of the Probot album is also worthy of your time if you’re a metal kinda kid (or a middle aged man who saw Cathedral in their prime). Merciful Fate, Sepultura, Death, Voivod, Celtic Frost, Corrosion Of Conformity and Napalm Death all loaned their vocalists. Each contributor sending tapes to Dave for him to mix over the top of tracks he’d already laid down. The record was put together much like the Debut Foo’s record with Grohl playing most of the instruments in his home studio (apart from a not insignificant visit from Kim “Soundgarden” Thayll)

There’s also a rather marvelous hidden track featuring Jack Black in full Tenacious D mode.

This ‘Death Metal Supernatural’ as Grohl described it in the press (referring to the Santana album) was possibly more a template for Slash of Guns N’ Roses to copy for his debut solo record which is like the sleaze rock version of Probot in a way.

Aaaaannnd Lemmy’s track on that is incredible too. It’ll be along on here one day, you can count on it.


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