This Will Be Our Year – Foo Fighters

Unlike many of the tracks on the (RSD only release) covers album Medium Rare, I was not familiar with the Foo Fighters version of The Zombies 60’s hit This Will Be Our Year when it came out as a ‘get it while you can’ collectable on 12″ of black, back in 2011.

It’s safe to say I wasn’t particularly familiar with the song in it’s original format either. I kind of knew who The Zombies were due to Time Of The Season and She’s Not There and being born of a couple of old hippies, but they’re a band I have never paid any attention to.

Which is a shame as they have the perfect name for a proto-punk/heavy rock outfit. It always irked me that they’d co-opted a name like The Zombies and then made a sort of 60’s matching suited British Invasion Pop rather than something that sounded more sinister and B-Movie Inflected. I always felt the name should have gone to Roky Erickson or Lou Reed or someone more Hammer House of Horror.

When I got my copy of Medium Rare home and was giving it a post Record Store Day spin, Mrs ForTheDeaf walks up to the turn table after This Will Be Our Year and starts the song over again.

“That’s really lovely” she said, followed with a quick “…For the Foo Fighters” (they’re one of those bands we both like a lot, one of the few I’d buy two tickets for when they tour so we can turn a gig into Date Night)

There’s a simple arrangement to begin with and Dave’s voice is really strong in a mid range ditty with a lullaby melody. By the time you get to the strings you’re almost swooning at the prettyness of it all. Very un-Foo Fighters.

The song made it’s way onto several of ‘our playlists’ and has become a new years eve tradition in our house in the intervening years.

While fact checking this post I’ve learned a bit about The Zombies. There’s one thing I’ve learned I can’t wait to share with her when she gets up (it’s 5am here and I can’t sleep) The band who wrote and performed this in the 60’s hailed from St. Albans England. That’s where I was living when I met my Wife. There is a blue plaque on the wall of The Bricklayers Arms stating they all met there in April 1961. That is the pub we met in for our very first blind date.

She know’s an important record when she hears one.


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