Saviour Breath – Foo Fighters

The ‘surprise’ EP drop of 2015 where The Foo’s hit us with a five track stonker of energetic lively and live sounding rockers was a real ‘keeping it real’ moment. Beyonce sneaks up on people with a secret album and the media loses it’s mind. For rock and rollers though this is just a pretty punk thing to do.

“Where you been? How far’d you get? I got this sin I saved for you, I don’t need your remedy”

Saint Cecilia had (for some) the rough noisy edge that Sonic Highways was missing. For others it was a tour souvenir. For the music machine and the industry it was a jolt.

There’s not a weak moment on the EP. The opening title track does everything you want a Foo Fighters single to do. Sean is a lo-fi gutter punk ode to teenage friends and ‘Getting good at getting gone’. Iron Rooster adds texture and some acoustics with a torch song for being young and dumb enough to know it all and the final track The Never Ending Sigh is as epic a chunk of heavy metal as the band have ever made.

Right in the eye of this 5 track storm is Savior Breath.

Savior Breath firstly has a magnificent pun in it’s title. Secondly it’s a thunder and lightning rager of a tune with angry punk meets Nugent riffage. Oh and thirdly it’s got a screamed down a telephone wire vocal that positively vibrates out of which ever device you’re listening to it on.

It does this in an ‘oh so Foo Fighters-y’ way that means you assuredly know the ‘Grohl Scream’ will feature. In this case that’s right before a (surprisingly psychobilly) guitar solo lunges back into a final triumphant chorus.

“Sweet as torture at least we were alive, singe and burn now mark my words and save your breath ’cause it’s mine”

Fan of this band or not, you have to admit. They’re bloody good at this sort of thing. Big time rock and roll is in safe hands and it pays it’s dues in all the right places.


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