Band On The Run – Foo Fighters

Annuvva Cover. And another McCartney reference. The Foo’s often put classic rock covers on the flip sides of their singles. This one backed up Cheer Up Boys (Your Make Up Is Running) in 2008. Taken from the sessions for Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace this run through one of ‘The band The Beatles could have been’s‘ big hits met the Guitar Hero video game trends peak at the same time (The original by Wings featured on that years version of the track list for Guitar Hero World Tour).

Wings had been a bit of a punchline in more recent times, 70’s excess and Dad rock was epitomised by bands with triple live albums and easy listening edges in their sound. Guitar Hero played a big part in this period of reputation rehabilitation for 70’s AOR. While kids who’d never listened to classic rock were hitting the dots on that Denny Laine solo, Ver Foos were turning that riff into a mechanoid metal monster.

It’s beautifully played and dexterously note perfect. The FF version does not skip on any of the epic grandure. The band had previously had a crack at Gerry Rafferty’s triple cheese saxploitation hit Baker Street and various ‘fringe of cool’ tunes when approaching their B-Sides. This one hit a bit of a zeitgeist.

Guitar Hero was many a new music fans introduction to Sabbath and Rage Against The Machine and Jimi and The Cult. It also put them on an equal pegging with Steeley Dan and Heart and Billy Idol and (of course) Wings. The cool filter of the record store clerks or the big brother was removed 10 years ago and now there was no difference between Cream and The Knack.

This is one of the reasons we have the internet cult of Africa By Toto today.

Sooooo. Back to the Foos. I seem to remember there was always a Foo Fighters song somewhere near a Guitar Hero release. Mrs ForTheDeaf nailed Everlong on the hardest settings quite early on. As mighty as this cover of McCartney’s epic slice of 70’s pop prog is, I mentally picture them playing it on plastic instruments only two thirds the size of the real thing and mashing the buttons as they go.



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