New Way Home – Foo Fighters

OK. Last one. This been an epic journey from Back And Forth two week ago to what I believe is the ultimate Foo Fighters set closer. For the Foo’s too it’s been an epic journey from a cathartic ‘one man band side project’ in a home studio. What started as DG processing his grief onto cassette tapes grew over 20 plus years into a band which can come to the UK every summer and command the biggest audiences of the season. Shows in stadiums, festival fields and City parks which sell out in minutes whether the band has a new record to promote or not.

“Have you found your way around the down and out? I know it must seem long, so long I’m still trying’ to keep this time from runnin’ out”

The final track from the only Foo record so far to really have the expanded special edition treatment. It’s sort of recognised and accepted that The Color And The Shape is special. It’s a classic 90’s alternative rock album. It buried some ghosts and gave new hope to a generation of fans who had only a couple of years earlier lost a leader.

It marked the end of grunge on a hopeful note and propped a door open for the Desert Sessions, QOTSA’s and hybrid metal sounding bands to come on through in the new century. We just had to live through Nu-Metal first.

“I never heard this warning, another early morning takes me, wakes me into, If you could manage me, I’ll try to manage you”

This album gave the Foos their ‘onelastingbeforeiquit‘ hit Monkey Wrench and the epic live set moment My Hero. The final act of February Stars, Everlong, Walking After You and New Way Home is as glorious way to end an album as any I’ve ever heard. The fury and turmoil driving the earlier tracks gives out to this magnificent back loaded set of uplifting closing numbers.

“I’m not scared, I felt like this on my way home, I’m not scared”

As we emerge from the Grohl Hole* into the dawn light of a new day, normal SteveForTheDeaf service will be resumed tomorrow.



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