Ain’t No Sun Since You Been Gone – Dusty Springfield

OK. I appreciate a week of beautiful regret might be a bit wearing, so for hump day we’re going to rely on the effervescent Dusty Springfield to get us over the peak and looking downhill towards the weekend.

The album ….Definitely is a complete gem of rock, funk and soul the way it should be done. A record so consummately perfect it doesn’t just feel like it’s from another era (1968 to be precise) it feels like it’s from another reality.

Like all the most perfect records from era’s past you can’t hear each element individually unless you concentrate. It’s a melded groove of brass, bass, guitar and drum breaks which exist only for that magnificent voice to snake those rapid fire lyrics around each instrument and the delicious backing vocals. I feel the same way about James Brown Live At The Apollo and Big Brother And The Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills. They aren’t bands playing records so much as they’re audible statues hewn from some sort of sonic marble (what a wanker).

“Into my life you brought a glowing love like a ray of sunshine from up above,
one day out of a clear blue sky you darkened my life with your words “goodbye”, that’s the day you left me for a stranger”

Dusty is fighting the heartbreak with funk grooves and real brass. She’s making the pain her fuel. She’d only cry on the inside less she ruins her immaculate composure. So a big ‘up and at it’ sounding track accompanies a lyric about absolute desolation of the heart.

“There’s a big black cloud hanging over my head cloud of loneliness I feel like I’m dead, ain’t no flowers blooming round here for sure since you chose to love me no more”

Remember, Dusty brought the world Spooky and Son Of A Preacher Man and You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me among dozens of other amazingly great tracks. She’ll have been gone for 20 years on 2nd March, but we couldn’t wait to post this tribute until then. We need Dusty NOW.

“Cold are the days, dark creeps the night, never bringing you back into my life, it ain’t no sun since you’ve been gone”

Dance the pain away boys and girls. Dance. The. Pain. Away.

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