Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken – Camera Obscura

As a call and response, the gulf between Lloyd Cole and The Commotions asking ‘Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken’ and Camera Obscura’s response some 22 years later might not feel like the most urgent of pop history’s Songs About Songs tradition.

It’s hardly 2Pac dissing Biggie nor R&B Titan’s TLC’s No Scrubs getting it’s ‘missing the point’ response ‘No Pigeons’ from no mark sexists Sporty Thieves. Heck it’s not even Neil Young getting a dressing down form Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Nope Tracyanne Campbell from the CO has taken her time. She’s considered Lloyd’s question for a score and two years and she has decided her fragile heart is prepared for the blue eyed soul of her fellow Glaswegian to go trampling all over it.

I loved this band and their lush luxury pop sensibilities. I find it astounding Camera Obscura have not had the light of my praise pointed in their direction before. This track makes a great triple hitter as some of their most recognised output along side the glorious Shine Like A New Pin and early single Eighties Fan. The run of records they put out between 2001 and Carey’s passing in 2015 are all great.

9 thoughts on “Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken – Camera Obscura

  1. I first heard of Camera Obscure when they were coming to a local venue. I keep up with certain venues and had not heard of them*, but when I discovered they were Scottish I went to their website to sample the wares. 30 seconds later I bought my ticket. I was very fortunate that they journeyed through my mountain hamlet. It was a fantastic band and concert.

    * I employ a vigorous sonic firewall against new sounds… because you can’t “unhear” some things.

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      1. I stopped listening to commercial radio [except for non-commercial college radio intermittently in my car from ’90-’01] in 1980. I stopped watching TV in 1993. This meant that I no longer got what was being pushed by The Man assaulting my ears. I rely on reading about acts to begin to approach them on my terms. If I sample music online when I get to that point, I make a snap decision quickly then move from there. I first heard about Ladytron on [logically] the Roxy Music mailing list. They seemed interesting. i read some more and when I saw their debut CD in the bins a few months later, I bit and liked them a lot. Following them through the years and seeing them twice live. They are even better live, to me.

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  2. Love me some Camera Obscura. I thought I heard the group was returning to performing live later this year. Maybe they’ll get some new material on the go as well..

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