Can’t Mind My Own Business – Kaiser Chiefs

Experimentation with how to release an album in the digital age was rife in the heady days of 2011. The Kaiser’s came up with a novel idea. They’d been in the studio. They’d laid down 20 tracks. They couldn’t (or wouldn’t) pick between them for their fourth album The Future Is Medieval, so they had their fans do it.

The idea was they’d make all the songs laid down during their recording sessions available on the bands website, BUT, they’d restrict the amount of songs you could buy in one go.

So you went on to you previewed the tracks, you filled your track listing out while playing with bits of art work and checking out other fans versions of their albums and you shuffled the playlist around. Before you paid up you had ten songs, a cover you’d designed yourself and an idea if you liked the album or not. There was also the novel idea that you could buy another fans version of the album. If you did, that fan got a cut of the profits.

I thought it was great fun. and the version of The Future Is Medieval I came away with had this track on it as what I felt would be the big single. It also had an abacus made of skulls as the sleeve and 9 other tracks I considered worthy. Shows how much I know.

A few months later the band fell in line with the ‘old ways’ of doing things an released a physical version of the album which featured 14 of the 20 songs and reduced the missing 6 to the dumpster of download history. The lead single was Little Shocks. One of the half of the playlist that didn’t make my selection while playing on the website.

And guess what? Can’t Mind My Own Business didn’t make the cut. Neither did most of the songs I chose for my version. This track though? I still like it.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Mind My Own Business – Kaiser Chiefs

  1. I mind this. My brother was a fan… and their gig at the Barrowlands just as the first album was released is one of the best gigs I’ve been at. Never really took to much after that, though.

    Anyhoo, I do remember this and thinking it was a great way to release music. Shame they said “fuck you” later on by releasing a 14 track CD that a load of fans would no doubt head out and buy, while discarding their custom albums.

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