Spoons (Feat. MNEK & Syron) – Rudimental

There’s two London traditions at work on Spoons. You’ve got the Drum and Bass collaborations made across the artistic community where talent works with talent to make each release fresh, interesting and exciting. You’ve also got yer Cockney’s favourite party piece from down the ages being given a 2012 make over. Playing the Spoons for the Olympic year. Roll out the barrel of fun indeed.

Over a sampled beat which sort of sounds like it’s made from splicing sounds from the cutlery draw and some warm synth the smooth vocal of MNEK and Daisy Syron Russell harmonize beautifully.

‘This is when I lose my balance, this is when I lose all control, this is when I find the challenge, the challenge I can call my own’

The mellow groove is not quite the thing Rudimental made their name doing but it plays beautifully here as an experiment.

‘It’s hard to fight a battle when all my weapons are so far out of reach and balance & I forget who you are’

For such a restrained and sparse track to be so evocative is a testament to the talent at work in Rudimental.

Hackney for the win.

‘I think I’m about to fall, deeper and deeper and deeper’

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