Gives You Hell – All American Rejects

Pop music dressed up as rock music. Ten to twelve years ago All American Rejects were a teen friendly rock band with a chisel cheek-boned front man and big budget videos.

They inhabit that Hot Topic look and probably had their logo drawn on many a pencil case (Was that still a thing ten years ago? Did they even have a sketchable logo?)

They have apparently made several albums. I’m only aware of this one track. And that’s because rock radio and music television hammered it back in 2007. I couldn’t tell you if they fill arenas or serve Starbucks in 2017. But this song. It’s wedged in there.

But there’s no denying the tune. It’s a catchy little chant about betrayal and relationships ending that could have been recorded by any of the following; The Offspring, Busted, Pink!, Avril Lavigne, New Found Glory, Green Day, Miley Cyrus, Transvision Vamp, American Hi-Fi, Catfish and The Bottlemen or Slade.

It’s all just pop music at the end of the day. Even the heavy stuff. Just don’t tell the bands that. They don’t like it when you do.

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