Destiny Calling – James

A bit of a late hit for the first flush of James. This indie band were massive and hugely influential before 90’s indie got shortened to 2 square miles of Camden versus the Madchester army.

James got lumped in with the Manchester Crowd. Filed along side Oasis, Happy Mondays and The Verve they cut an awkward shape.

James were the more cerebral, more open minded and more diverse band of the Madchester scene. They weren’t just about “‘Avin’ It Large” and pastiching the 60’s. They made original, open, challenging music which played with politics, gender identity and pop conventions.

Their big hits Sit Down, Laid and Come Home were anthems for the 90’s which did business both sides of the Atlantic.

In 1998 they put out a pretty essential Best Of compilation which (of course) featured a couple of obligatory ‘previously unreleased’ tracks.

Destiny Calling was one of the singles released to promote the hits album. While the band itself was readying for a phase two of their career that faltered somewhat at first, Destiny Calling called time on the 90’s success beautifully. Lyrically it plays as a bit of a critique of the state of the music industry in the last days of the 20th century.

They’ve split, done side projects had triumphant comeback shows and established a new fan base with a different post millennium catalogue since those days.

Destiny Calling was a bit of a rainbow bridge from one incarnation to the next.

3 thoughts on “Destiny Calling – James

  1. Huge James fan over here. They probably find and will continue to find their way on to too many of the ‘best of’ lists over on my blog. Yet, this isn’t my favourite piece of their work. Nice to see some love shone their way nonetheless.

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      1. It certainly is that. I didn’t even recognize it as them when I first heard in a club. I do like it but it isn’t among my faves.

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