I Will Be Your Girlfriend – Dubstar

The contrast in Dubstar’s chirpy pastel coloured girly image and their lyrical content was striking.

I Will Be Your Girlfriend from the ‘comfy chair turned torture chamber’ packaged album Goodbye is a perfect case in point.

Over trip hop loops of piano and mid 90’s big beat drums, the sing song melody “I. Will. Be. Your. Girl. Friend.” is coupled with “I will be your wit’s end”. Sarah Blackwood delivered a mix of sincerity and absenteeism in her vocals.  

According to the narrative, girlfriends knee you in the groin, wreck your confidence and complicate your life. Who’d want any of that? Sounds exhausting and unpleasant. Yet the music comes straight from the middle of the road top 40 kiddie pop school of cool.

Dubstar will mostly be remembered for their indie dance hit Stars. It was a club hit in the UK and in the US. As great a tune as that was, this one seemed to do more intellectually.

I Will Be Your Girlfriend showed a depth and complexity to the band which the myriad remixes and dance make overs missed. They were like a Dirty St. Etienne

This light and frothy piece of mid nineties electropop is not just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s a promise that the one you want most in your life can feel like

‘Gum on your shoe’


5 thoughts on “I Will Be Your Girlfriend – Dubstar

  1. Not a big fan of this, but now I know I’m not much of a Dubster fan. Things will getting back to a new normal for me sometime soon, and I look forward to catching more of your posts. Hope you’re all well.

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  2. Jings, man! I totally forgot about Dubstar. They never appealed to me at the time (I didn’t fully appreciate what they were all about) and so I missed their albums completely.

    However, I’m gonna go check out that Goodbye album today on the strength of this tune. Cheers!

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