Pirate Punk Politician – Perry Farrell

The world is an uncertain and unsettling place in April 2019. Collusion and hidden agendas of the political elites seem to enable their nefarious doings while the people on the streets are bamboozled by one shady move after another. There’s an ill wind that blows through the corridors of power.

What is that scraping noise from over younder? It sounds like the echo of a Tom Morello riff from the 90’s reentering the atmosphere in a cracked tin can… Can it be? That voice? Is this Jane’s Addicti…

“Señores y señoras, No es de Jane’s Addiction, pero está lo suficientemente cerca.”

Man o’ Man. Perry Farrell is back. Pirate Punk Politician is the lead track from a new nine track album called Kind Heaven which is a bout to drop the first new solo music from the Porno Pyro himself.

“Ask me any simple question, I’m an information contradiction, ask me any simple question, I’ll melt you with my fiction diction”

Everything from the lyrics to the sneer to the mix of bleeps and blips around thumping guitar riffs to the pervy bondage meets spirituality art work and psychedelic type face is on point to reassure you this is Lolapallooza style business as usual. Weirdos and alternative thinkers welcome. I hadn’t considered new music from Jane’s or from Farrell a possibility in this foul year of our Lard. Let alone a stonking great protest song calling out corrupt political gators with an elephant gun guitar sound and a frantic solo.

The song is short and to the quick. It does everything I needed it to do in under 3 minutes (that’ll be the punk part then) and with times being what they are it puts a spring in my step. It’s good to have the old weirdo in chief back on the airwaves. When Alternative became the thing it did 30 years ago it was Perry who truly understood that meant more than a dress code and a guitar tuning.

Put the freaks up front. Let’s bring about some change.

Order! Order!

11 thoughts on “Pirate Punk Politician – Perry Farrell

  1. This is amazing, eh? I’ve played it a hundredmillionzillion times since it dropped… and I’ll play it a hundredmillionzillion more before the album drops in June (pre-ordered too!). Probably the first release this year I’ve been super excited about!

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