Spit Out The Bone – Metallica

Did you know there are videos for every track on Hardwired… To Self Destruct? I didn’t, well not until I just watched them all on YouTube and realised it’d been too long since I revisited 2016’s *ahem* return to form Metallica record featuring this slab of sterling steel.

But now I do. Now I’ve seen them all and the quality of my day is immeasurably better for it. In Metallica terms this is brand new music. Having only been out for a couple of years they’re still touring this beast of a record and they’ll be back in the UK in June touring with Ghost. It’s bleak winters end kind of stuff in the UK right now. Everything is still cold and wet and grey and it feels like we haven’t seen the sun since 1983. You get mud on your boots just looking out the window and I haven’t felt my fingertips since lighting the bonfires in November.

So we’re looking forwards to the summer and to open air shows and to the fact that the most metal of all metal bands will be playing in the England Rugby Team’s Stadium a few months from now. There’s something uniquely old school metal about gigs at Twickenham. The only other band I’ve seen there was Iron Maiden a decade ago. I genuinely don’t know if anyone else has ever played there or not. Just Maiden and ‘Tallica and the Six Nations. It’s just not cricket.

Until then this blistering retro thrash will continue to pretend it’s from Master Of Puppets and I will continue to let it.

Soon come. We’re trapped under ice here.



3 thoughts on “Spit Out The Bone – Metallica

  1. Yep this is a good album. I reviewed it a ways back and I love Lars going all bonkers on the snare drum on this tune..
    Caught Ghost opening for Maiden back in 2017 and Ghost was fantastic..it took me to see them live to ‘get it’
    Enjoy the show

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  2. Every year I come closer to warming to Metallica. I don’t know what it is that keeps holding me back. But I have to say this is a pretty good album and maybe I should really give them another chance. Which of their classic albums should I revisit first? I think they are touring here too.

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