School – Nirvana

It’s not right to have done a whole week of Nirvana Covers (even if one of them was technically Nirvana covering someone else) and look back over all of SteveForTheDeaf and see that there is not an original Nirvana recording by Nirvana ever posted on this site.

We’re over two years in and Nirvana haven’t played one of their own songs here yet?

So as a postscript to Nirvana covers week let’s right the wrongs and sing the songs of the most influential rock band of a generation. From the first album, raw in tooth and claw.

The baby steps of a rock and roll revolution for me started at School.

“Wouldn’t you believe it’s just my luck? No recess”

If that ain’t juvenile frustration made song I don’t know what is. A thrashing noise with only two lines of lyrics on repeat for an eternity (or two and a half minutes). Welcome back to “the happiest days of your life”.

So teenage angst paid off well for Geffen and all the other labels who panhandled the Seattle Gold Rush of 1992™. This is how that scene sounded when it was still a philanthropic mess of kids in pain finding beauty in chaos. Sub Pop’s Bleach album is the real Nirvana sound before scale and sale stretched this sailing metaphor beyond parody of itself.

You all know the songs. You don’t need me banging on about how brilliant and punk and real it all was.

“You’re in high school again”

3 thoughts on “School – Nirvana

  1. Yas! That’s what I’m talking about! I love this tune… for all the great stuff that came after, Bleach is my favourite Nirvana album. It’s near perfect and still sounds incredible… one of the best albums ever recorded and all for $606 and change, eh?

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