Miracle – Shinedown

And who said it all had to be post modern and ironic? Shinedown are basically what it sounds like when an electric guitar smiles. Miracle is an ear to ear grin of a song.

Over a semi acoustic backing and some power chords that sound like holiday photos there’s a lyric you’d hope would soundtrack your best bits as you go towards the light with all your affairs in order.

“Say it once tell me twice are you certain I’m alright? Just a sign to remind me tomorrows worth the fight, ever changing the story line that keeps me alive”

It’s so clean and shiny it could easily be classed as Disney Teen Soundtrack Rock if you were of a cynical bent, but me personally? I got nothing against a happy song in a happy mood.

The first verse is followed by a middle eight that would hold it’s own in the top 40 in it’s own right. The actual chorus? Well it’s like kissing your sweetheart on a funfair ride it’s so bloody happy. Considering these guys got their foot in the door in the first wave of Nu-Metal this is not what you’d expect

“‘Cause all we are is all I am I just want you to see what I’ve always believed you are the miracle in me”

These guys supported Iron Maiden on their last UK jaunt. That’s a combination I’d never have seen coming. The Beast on the Road with a band who sound like an option on a snapchat filter.

So Shinedown then? They’re alright by me. Who can resist a big sloppy puppy kiss of a song like this?

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