Get Off – The Dandy Warhols

They might be a bit of a footnote in the indie slacker scene. Most famous for their appearance in the (if you will) Rockumentary Dig! alongside the Brian Jonestown Massacre or for their other big hit Bohemian Like You. There was a time where they looked like they could have gone White Stripes or Strokes big. And yet it was not to be.

The Dandy Warhols leave their mark squarely in the noughties new rock revolution gold rush and the odd misplaced media squabble since.

Get Off is a jam though. A rocker roller tune about wanting nothin’ but a good dime bag and a lack of responsibility. Equal parts dumb call to arms and Dylanesque state of the nation this is rock and roll. Doing what it’s meant to do. Pure of essence. It could’ve been an old 50’s rockabilly tune or just come out last week from some new band who are playing the toilet circuit this year and will have their debut album out next year.

There’s a treasure in the gutter attraction to these sorts of songs. This is after all, the very crux of the art form we all love. This is their Somethin’ Else, their Rock Around The Clock, their Bad Reputation, their Highway to Hell, their Wake Up Boo!

Let ’em have it. Have it with ’em. We’re all after the perfect 3 minutes of blowing off the world for a good time at the end of the day right?


5 thoughts on “Get Off – The Dandy Warhols

  1. The Dandys can be great… but I think they are sometimes intentionally sabotaging their poppy side. They shy away from the “making it”… I think they try to keep things weird enough to not be mainstream. Sometimes they strike a good balance, and other times it can come off as forced. I like them overall.
    And let’s face it, they’ve got a great bandname.

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