Main Street Eyes – Iggy Pop

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Once again we celebrate the birthday of a true captain of the art form. James Newell Osterberg Jr (real name Iguana Poppadopalis) has proven himself a constant force of creativity in the realms of rock and roll, popular culture and art.

I’ve you’ve been reading for a while you might notice he’s a regular cause for celebration around here. Iggy and his foundations of Punk, Iggy and his Solo records, Iggy and his collaborations. If the Pop’s on it, we’re on it (like a car bonnet?).

There’s a Featuring Iggy Pop Playlist page elsewhere on this site because of the fact he comes up so regularly. Well, on this birthday we celebrate the fact he’s 72 years of age.

I’ve been listening to Brick By Brick quite a bit recently. I love the big time production job on it and the way it moves from genre to genre like an early 90’s top 40 station. Main Street Eyes is a big middle of the road country inflected ballad. It shares space on the grooves with Candy, Pussy Power, I Won’t Crap Out and Butt Town. All songs which deserve a higher profile in his cannon and all for varied reasons.

That’s one funny thing about Iggy’s solo discography. The greatest hits and the Bowie albums get all the praise but there are gems hidden on Brick By Brick, Skull Ring, Party, Soldier, Instinct, etc ,etc.

What Iggy said during his John Peel Lecture in 2014 about ‘A good LP is a being not a product’ and that the buying of a piece of a recorded music is akin to ‘an act of love’ speaks volumes to me.

As a vinyl hoarder myself (and I know a lot of you are) those acts of love are a two-way transaction on occasion.

If you bought a record with your hard-earned money as a kid you’d play the hell out of it until you knew it back to front. It was a bonus if you loved the record on getting it home. If it was strange to you though… We had to learn to love some records through repetition.

Iggy and The Stooges represented that for me when I first heard Fun House. I knew it was good, but I was used to 80’s metal and the 70’s was all stuff like Alice and Aerosmith.

In comparison this was abrasive, sinister and awkward. Through Iggy I could ‘get’ punk. I could graduate to different stuff. I just had to be around it a while until it felt like it was one of my records and not just the last record I bought. Of course not all records you buy make the cut. With Iggy on them though it got to the stage your collection could be measured by the ones you didn’t have rather than those that you did.

I’m not always a completist with artists I like. I love having a little bit left out there. I like the romance of that. Now Bowie isn’t making any new records his list is getting shorter. And yet there’s still more Zavid for me to discover and enjoy like I’m a teenage kid spending pocket-money some day in the future. Same with most of the big names. Even Iggy.

So if you’re in a similar space let me be ‘record store guy’ for a moment and say

‘You could do a lot worse than Brick By Brick. It’s got some fantastic songs, it hangs together really well as an LP and look at that sleeve? It’s a work of art.’

Show it some love.

Happy Birthday James


4 thoughts on “Main Street Eyes – Iggy Pop

  1. Yes!! Man, I love Iggy. Love everything about him. Saw him twice in the early 2000s and it sealed the Iggy deal for me. Delving into his discography was an interesting exercise. So much truly crazy stuff. Or at least seemingly crazy when there’s no context.

    For me, there are few better than Iggy. Very few.

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